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Data On The Run V5.0

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Data On The Run V5.0
Requirements: Windows Mobile 5
Overview: Data On The Run is an easy to use database program for Windows Mobile devices

-New Synchronization Manager software synchronizes Access files including the new Access 2007 file format.
-Windows XP and Windows Vista compatible.
-Add and modify records, sort, perform queries and more right on your phone or Pocket PC.
-Drop down wizard eases data entry.
-Extensive list of supported SQL, including joins, calculated fields, and more.
-Password protection and encryption for sensitive data.
-Wizards make things like searches and sorting easy for the novice user.
-Much improved one handed navigation and use.
-CSV files can be imported into Data On The Run right on the device.
-Dial a phone number by using the "action" button on your device (must be an integer field).
-Mobile2Market digitally signed CAB installer for compatibility with the widest variety of devices.

More Info:

Download Instructions: Use sn :11-26731-1781619 or KG
keygen only: http://rapidshare.com/files/26975476/DoTR5KG.zip.html

Complete package (WM5/WM2003SE/WM5SP):