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Tire Tossin' v1.1

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Tire Tossin' v1.1
Requirements: Windows CE OS 3.0 (Windows Mobile 2003, 2005), Less than 10MB RAM needed, ARM processors (StrongARM, XScale), 400MHz Minimum.
Overview: A mini-game designed for busy people who have a little time to kill at the airport, waiting room, between meetings, etc...

Tire Tossin' takes place in the backwoods. It's a game of speed, strength and timing. You must toss your tractor tire as far as you possibly can without touching the foul line. Just challenging enough to drive you a little crazy at times but short enough so that you can complete a couple of rounds within a few minutes. (Tested on Windows Mobile 2003,2005)

Download Instructions: Follow instructions in 'README_1st.txt'
Mirror: http://www.4shared.com/file/4187878/f6d5f4a4/tt11_4yakabod.html