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Astraware Text Twist v2.13

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Astraware Text Twist v2.13
Requirements: Pocket PC 2002 Windows Mobile� 2003 WindowsMobile� 2003SE Windows Mobile� 5.0 Color Screen Scaled 240x240/Native 240x320 (QVGA)/Scaled 480x640 (VGA)
Overview: Text Twist is the highly-acclaimed word game based on the PC game by GameHouse. You're given a scrambled six letter word, and you have to see how many 3, 4, 5 and 6 letter words you can make in a limited time! If you manage to get one (or more) six letter words by the end of the level, you get to play again!

Features:Guess the words to score points. Longer words give you a better score. Complete all the words in a level for a special points bonus.
If you're stuck, Twist to shuffle the letters, and maybe it'll give you a clue! Text Twist is easy to play, and incredibly absorbing! Play whenever you've got a spare couple of minutes! Even if you never thought you were good at word games - you'll love Text Twist!

Download Instructions: Download from http://rapidshare.com/files/78904728/TextTwist-cab_with_signed_exe.rar.html
Copy cab file to device and run from device.
Copy cracked exe to install dir overwriting original
Register with any 8 digit serial
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Re: Astraware Text Twist v2.12

Think you could reup when u get a chance? Sorry for not posting in the right thread before my bad.
unless you somehow got a 755p running windows you wont be able to use it and all. go to the side menu than go to palm treo information and than that will be what you want.