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Garish Kernels Egress v3.1.0

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Garish Kernels Egress v3.1.0
Requirements: PocketPC 2002/2003/WM5
Overview: Egress is an advanced yet easy to use application which displays your favorite RSS/ATOM feeds directly on your PocketPC. Now supports Podcasting!

Now an RSS/RDF feed reader for the PocketPC with the features you've been looking for:
* Lifetime upgrades/updates
* Supports Windows Mobile 5 softkeys - NEW in 3.1.0
* Improved UI with press and hold to seek - NEW in 3.0
* Supports Windows Mobile 5 - NEW in 2.4.1
* Supports RSS (.09, .91, .92 and 2.0), RDF (1.0), and ATOM (0.3)
* Supports landscape orientation using PocketPC 2003SE
* Integrates with Today
* Support for Bloglines and NewsGator synchronized channels - NEW in 2.3
* Caches and displays inline images
* Add new channel wizard
* Can cache web pages for later display using ANY browser - NEW in 3.0
* Can download enclosures (Podcasting support) - NEW in 2.0
* Automatic playlist generation for audio enclosures - NEW in 2.2
* Configurable item sort
* Background download of feeds
* Supports HTTP proxies
* Configurable item retention (configurable by channel)
* Configurable news feed storage location
* Configurable fonts and colors
* Supports alternate web browsers

Version 3.1.0 - Released 09-21-2006
* Added support for softkeys on Windows Mobile 5 devices
* Added option to revert to old toolbar with Windows Mobile 5
* Restored to ability to select a separate storage location for podcasts
* Added the ability to filter channels and items which contain cached podcasts
* Added support for SHIFT_JIS encoding
* Read status retained when item is clipped
* Fixed bug in Today screen where channel title font size was not changeable
* Proxy address now retained when proxy is disabled
* Remove (the sometimes long) refresh pause in Today screen plugin
* Improved layout of items on screen
* Added support for the iTunes duration element
* Correct bug where playlists were encoded in UTF8 rather than current codepage
* Tap-and-hold menu for podcasts (enclosures) now provides selection to launch the podcast's URL if the podcast is not currently cached. This allows Egress to launch streaming content easily
* Spin buttons for web retention on channel properties dialog were reversed
* Improved output of ampersands in non-HTML descriptions
* Fixed bug where Show Channel Icon would always always de-select when Options dialog used in landscape orientation

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