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eWallet v5.0

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eWallet v5.0
Requirements: Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003,2003SE ,2005 and WindowsXp for PC version
Overview: Now you can have all your important information: passwords, credit cards, accounts and more, in a format that's secure, easy to access, centralized and portable wherever you want it!

New in eWallet 5.0

Enhanced Synchronization
Improved Sync setup interface
Sync with multiple PCs
Sync to other computers on a network
Sync to remote locations on the web
Sync your custom card templates
FilesAnywhere Remote Storage Built-In
eWallet Companiion step by step help tool
New icon set
4 free self-installing icon packs
"Always Protected" security ensures password protection
"No password needed" wallet option
Improved sync error messaging and log
Status bar sync indicator
Wallet Properties
Updated graphics for credit card templates
Maestro, CarteBlanche, EuroCheque, Optima cards added
Windows mobile doclist displays all your wallets in one place

Download Instructions: Install , Register with Keys provided, Enjoy it!