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Nuclear Power Plant v1.01

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Nuclear Power Plant v1.01
Requirements: Pocket PC 2002/2003 with at least a couple megabytes of program space free to run
Overview: Nuclear Power Plant Simulator is an interesting game of skill and process control. Fun, addictive and educational.

Nuclear Power Plant Simulator is addictive and not too hard to play, but watch out - it is a challenge to do well. The game comes with built in instructions and an animated nuclear plant diagram! You can navigate and control the game with your finger or a stylus. There are numerous gauges and screens and warning lights to keep you busy. You can adjust the control rods to produce heat in the reactor, adjust primary coolant to carry heat to the heat exchanger, adjust secondary coolant to take steam to the turbine and on to the cooling tower. There is also a supply of emergency coolant if you need it. It is a lot of fun to see how hard you can push the machinery without causing small and LARGE problems! Fortunately this game is entirely safe. You will learn a lot about nuclear energy and have fun in the process. The game looks really cool, too. You'll have poindexters all over the office or classroom wanting to check it out. This version is made for your Pocket PC.

Download Instructions: cracked .CAB file