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Danso Interactive Solutions mTimeLog v1.6.2

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Danso Interactive Solutions mTimeLog v1.6.2
Requirements: Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 or better with SQLCE installed.
Overview: mTimeLog for WM 5.0 is a three-in-one program for Pocket PC that allows you to manage your time, mileage and expenses.

How many times have you been on the road for work (or pleasure), and have you wished you could enter all your time and expenses in a nice simple and easy to use mobile application? Your wait is now over. mTimeLog is the perfect mobile application for you. mTimeLog will help you keep track of time, expenses and mileages in a fast and user-friendly manner. Amongst other things, you will be able to specify different billing rates for specific clients, easily generate invoices, and more accurately estimate future projects and billing.
mTimeLog is perfect for
- Self-employed consultants
- Contractors
- Graphic artists
- Programmers
- Anybody who needs to track time, expenses and/or mileages
Some Features Include
- Keep track of time and expenses spent on specific day-to-day activities
- Manage all your billing details easily and effectively
- Prepare detailed client invoices quickly and accurately
- Create multiple client invoices at one time
- Invoices can be saved ready to print
- Filter/Sort your data by Date, Clients, Projects, Tasks, Paid, etc.
- Purge paid items, or all items by date
More info at

Download Instructions: Download at http://rapidshare.com/files/27994182/mTimeLog.v1.6.2.rar.html
Install, Enjoy...