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HotButton Plus WM5 ONLY

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I930 User

HotButton Plus makes it even easier to operate your Pocket PC Phone Edition device with one hand.
Tired of interrupting your work to return to the Today screen for battery, memory, network or phone status? HotButton Plus gives you access to this information no matter what you're doing, without losing your place!
Assign HotButton Plus to a hardware button - repeatedly pressing the button will cycle through your jog tasks.
Use your navigation pad to move back and forth between jog tasks (and select them!).
Assign applications to launch applications and built-in functionality such as system and network status, and phone numbers to dial.
You can even associate a sound with each jog task so you don't have to look at the screen.

Features *

HotButton Plus lets you keep your stylus in its holder:
One handed launching of common tasks on your Pocket PC
Display phone status (Operator, signal strength, missed calls)
Toggle phone mute
Dial phone numbers
Launch Phone, Call Log and Speed Dial applications
Toggle Bluetooth
Display network status (such as IP address, DNS server, etc)
Release IP address
Renew DHCP Lease
Launch applications
Display system status (battery state, and memory)
Associate a voice prompt with each task
Includes common voice prompt recordings, which can be removed after installation to save space
* The functioning of certain features may depend upon your device.The Phone, Call Log and Speed Dial tasks are not available on Treo devices

Installation & Setup

To install and set up HotButton Plus, follow these steps:
1. Download HotButton Plus from the link above, and run the setup program.

2. Assign HotButton Plus to a hardware button.

3. Launch HotButton Plus setup and add your tasks.
4. After you've set up your tasks, use the assigned hardware button to launch HotButton Plus. Once launched, you can move through your tasks using your D-pad, pressing the center D-pad button to launch the task.