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Magic File Renamer Pro 6.12

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Magic File Renamer Pro 6.12

The following features are included in MFR 6.1 Professional Edition.

* Modify names, extensions, attributes and dates for files and folders.
* Modify MP3 files' ID3 tags. Comprehensive support for ID3v1 and ID3v2.3 tag standards. VBR encoding is supported.
* Modify contents for text files by applying any text filter on them.
* Move files to different folders (also dynamically create directory structures).
* Recursively process sub-folders.
* Real time preview of the expected renaming results, including preview of changes in MP3 tags, dates and attributes.
* Powerful pattern renaming.
* Read JPEG files metadata (EXIF) and image files properties and use in names.
* Advanced counter let you add serial numbers to names.
* Unique support for freedb.org online music database.
* Extensive casing, spacing and trimming filters.
* Powerful search and replace feature, let you use regular expressions in search and use replace lists.
* Use and modify tokens and substrings from names.
* Rename group of files using a name-list text file.
* Easily switch places of parts of file names.
* Can save filters configuration as presets.
* Powerful sort feature.
* Manual renaming for names and tags.
* Multi-session undo and log.
* Integration in Windows Explorer's right click context menu.
* Console mode application for automatic renaming from command line.

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