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Sword & Word 5 Books

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Sword & Word 5 Books - JV Jones (.PRC)
Requirements:RAR/ .PRC reader
Overview:J. V. Jones was born in Liverpool in 1963. When she was twenty she began working for a record label and was part of the Liverpool music scene of the early eighties. She later moved to San Diego, California, where she ran an export business for several years and where she is now the marketing director for an interactive software company. Her interests include music, history, cooking and computer games.

Contents of the RAR file:

Sword of Shadows 1 - A Cavern of Black Ice v0.9.prc
When Raif and Drey Sevrance return home to their clan as the only survivors of a vicious attack in which both their father and the clan chief were killed, everything changes for Raif. Uneasy with the new chief's reign of brutality and his brother's acceptance of it, Raif welcomes his uncle Angus Lok's invitation to accompany him to Spire Vanis. Asarhiah March, Ash for short, is the beautiful ward of Penthero Iss, Overlord of Spire Vanis. Suspicious of Penthero's increasing interest in her developing body, when Ash overhears him planning to imprison her she flees, only to be cornered at the city gate by a band of the Overlord's elite guards. But as they close in on her, a stranger comes to the rescue - observed by a bemused Raif, Angus Lok plunges into the midst of the guards and snatches her to safety.

Sword of Shadows 2 - A Fortress of Grey Ice v0.95.prc
The war to end all wars is coming. The Endlords are preparing themselves for invasion. City men and clansmen should come together to fight the dark forces, yet they feud amongst themselves. Only the Sull are preparing: an ancient, dwindling race, they fear this fight might be their last.

The Book of Words 01 - The Baker's Boy.prc
While the king of Castle Harvell lies dying, young Melliandra rebels against her forced betrothal to the sinister Prince Kylock and finds an ally in Jack, an apprentice who discovers his unsettling power to work miracles.

The Book of Words 02 - A Man Betrayed v1.prc
The electrifying sequel to the bestselling The Baker's Boy. Demented Prince Kylock murders his father, gaining the vast empire of the Four Kingdoms. Meanwhile, Jack, and Melli, who have escaped from the Four Kingdoms, as separted--Jack is under the spell of a woman's seductive shemes, and Melli is captured by brutal slavers.

The Book of Words 03 - Master and Fool v1.prc
The Known Lands are teetering on the brink of war. Desperate to avert worldwide catastrophe, Jack, the baker's boy, must learn to harness the full strength of his magic to face his ultimate destiny--a final confrontation with the murderously evil Kylock.

Download Instructions:
http://www.eggdisk.com/files/283354_flpdg/FS - J.V. Jones.rar