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Seddon, Chris - OpenGL Game Development Seddon

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Seddon, Chris - OpenGL Game Development Seddon
Requirements: PDF Reader, 6254 KB
Overview: OpenGL is the industry standard for 3D graphics. The SDK has been used in many leading applications, games, CAD, and military and medical simulations over the past eight years. In OpenGL Game Development, we’ll explore the immense 3D processing power of OpenGL while writing a basic map editor and 3D video game. Why not focus on the game itself and forgot the map editor? Because, although writing the game’s 3D engine is important, it is also a good idea to know how to write an application that uses OpenGL to draw data onto the screen. With the knowledge gained from this book, you’ll be able to write your own 3D first-person shooter video games using some of the advanced features of your video card. You’ll also be able to load 3D models exported from 3D Studio MAX (using the .ase format), add 3D positional surround sound into your levels, create head-to-head multiplayer games, and much more.

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