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The book of the dead by E A Wallis Budge

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The book of the dead by E A Wallis Budge
Publisher: Gramercy; New Ed edition (January 23, 1995)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0517122839
ISBN-13: 978-0517122839
Requirements: Pdf reader

Including the Hieroglyphic Transcript and English Translation of the Papyrus of Ani
Fascinating compendium of ancient Egyptian mythology, religious beliefs and magical practices. Includes spells, incantations, hymns, magical formulas and prayers. All explained by one of the most knowledgeable and respected Egyptologists of the early 20th century. B&W illustrations, photographs and hieroglyphics throughout.

#Inside This Book :
The Recensions of the great body of religious compositions, which were drawn up for the use of dead kings, nobles, priests, and others, and which form the Book of the Dead of the Ancient Egyptians may be thus summarized:- I. The Heliopolitan Recension, i.e., that which was edited by the priests of the College of Anu (the On of the Bible, and the Heliopolis of the Greeks), and which was based upon a series of texts now lost.
#Key Phrases - Statistically Improbable Phrases (SIPs):
ascendeth into heaven, recite four times, door saith, not letting the heart, lind dynasty, protecteth thee, great cosmic gods, thou art purified, sepulchral building, older papyri, very ancient god, sepulchral offerings, thy cavern, sepulchral meals, deceased standing, hieroglyphic transcript, four rudders, mummy form, linen apparel, grant thou, deceased holding, other papyri, great cackler, thy boat, sacrum bone
#Key Phrases - Capitalized Phrases (CAPs):
Osiris Ani, Book of the Dead, Papyrus of Ani, Other World, Recueil de Travaux, Pyramid Texts, Papyrus of Nebseni, Theban Recension, Turin Papyrus, British Museum, Tchatcha Chiefs, Upper Egypt, Lower Egypt, Salte Recension, House of Osiris, Chapters of Coming Forth, Four Sons of Horus, Sektet Boat, Field of Offerings, Urrt Crown, Celestial Waters, White Crown, Elysian Fields, Field of Reeds, Negative Confession