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Private - Girls Only Vol. 1/2

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Private - Girls Only Vol. 1/2
Requirements: PDF Reader, 15931 KB / 19027 KB, 18 years + only
Overview: It's every man's fantasy to watch two beautiful girls undress each other in front of him, then they begin to touch each other's bodies, sucking each others tits, eating out each others muffs. Then it's out with the dildos, the vibros and butt plugs, they tease you as you watch transfixed until it's time to swap those tongues and toys for some boys! We've created this incredible Girls Only magazine that takes you onto a trip into the fascination we have for lesbian love action. Packed with hardcore pussy dripping photosets featuring some prime Private talent including Lilliane Tiger & Sara Blue, Sunny & Sandy Style, Brigitte & Sandy, Julie Silver & Sabina Black and Celia Blanco & Angela, these girls are bad to the bone!

Our second Girls Only magazine is a feast of dripping pussy as these lesbians eat out each others love jucies from each others quivering cunts, then there are their toys that end up in the most satisfying of places! See Yessy & Claudia, Cindy & Jasmine, Terry Summer & Victoria Lanz, Claudia Rossi & Everlyn Lory, Salome & Tyra Legs licking out some hot bush!

Download Instructions:
Volume 1: http://rapidshare.com/files/25135984/PRIV_PG_VOL_1.rar
Volume 2: http://rapidshare.com/files/25135986/PRIV_PG_VOL_2.rar