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Arrowsmith: Issues 1-6: Comics

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Arrowsmith: Issues 1-6: Comics
Requirements: Photo Viewer
Overview: Arrowsmith is a fantasy comic book by writer Kurt Busiek and penciller Carlos Pacheco that was published by Wildstorm's Cliffhanger imprint.

The series envisioned a world where magic is real and the First World War was fought with dragons, spells, vampires etc. used as weapons by both sides. The story follows the protagonist, "Fletcher Arrowsmith", as he joins the war effort on the side of the Allies, gets taught the rudiments of sorcery and engages in some brutal battles with the enemy Prussians.

The original limited series ran for six issues in 2003 and was collected in the trade paperback Arrowsmith, Book 1: So Smart in Their Fine Uniforms (ISBN 1401202993) in 2004. The series was nominated for the Squiddy Award for Best Limited Series in 2003.

Download Instructions: http://rapidshare.de/files/12424240/Arrowsmith_00__Preview_.cbr