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Eye On Privacy 0.40

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Eye On Privacy 0.40

Requirements: All WM devices

Eye On Privacy has two Exe files:
1.Setting Program: safelocksetting.exe(Default password is 1234)
2.Protecting Program: safelockApp.exe

Use Setting Program, you can change the configurations of Eye On Privacy or terminate Eye On Privacy. The Protecting Program must be copied to device memory if you want use "Auto Start" Function. Eye On Privacy can protect items as follows:

1. Dials
2. SMS
3. Call Logs
4. Contacts
5. Calendars
6. Tasks

You can set different protection level of each item: Allowed, Password, Blocked
Notice: The Phone Func item includes Dials, SMS, Call Logs and Contacts. If any one of these items is unlocked, other items will be unlocked also.

Eye On Privacy have dual password protection. Normal password is used as default. For SMS, you can also add a Safe Password. Safe Password and Safe List actives when you open Inbox. If some one asks you input password, you can input the Safe Password instead, all SMS which are from and to Safe List will be moved to Eye On Privacy's safe folder. If you want restore these messages, you can run setting program and choose Restore SMS.

Another usage of Safe Password is when you run setting program, if you input safe password, the setting part will hide all SMS protected related menu items in order to protect your privacy.

Fake SMS: This function allows you to generate a fake SMS into Inbox or Sent Box which can be set any special time and any special contacts as you wish.

Hotkey Function:
1. Fast Lock: If you press the hotkey twice, it will beep one time and all functions will be locked at once.
2. Urgent SMS: If you press the hotkey twice, it will send the urgent SMS to multiple people. It will vibrate when the sms is sent.

Note: the initial password is 1234

Download Instructions: Unpack and install. Enjoy Very Happy

http://rapidshare.com/files/18308652/EyeOnPrivacySP_0_40.rar.html - The version for SP

http://rapidshare.com/files/18309048/EyeOnPrivacyPPC_0_40.rar.html - The version for PPC