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ScaryBear Software LoanCalc v1.0

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ScaryBear Software LoanCalc v1.0
Requirements: Windows Mobile 5 OS SmartPhone
Overview: This application will allow you to calculate your monthly payments (for a simple compounded interest loan) given the loan amount, down payment, annual interest rate, and length of loan. The application also will display your total payments and total interest, in addition to a yearly amortization table.

Perfect for realtors, home and car buyers, or anyone who wants to calculate monthly loan payments on their SmartPhone!
* Simple and functional user interface
* Easy data entry
* Can display total principal and interest payments
* Can display a yearly amortization table
* Designed for the Windows Mobile 5 OS SmartPhone Devices
* Will work on the various sized screen devices
* Compatible with Lo and High resolution screen devices.
More info:

Download Instructions: Download and Install from http://rapidshare.com/files/20734472/LoanCalc.v1.0.rar.html