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CorePlayer v1.0.4

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CorePlayer v1.0.4
Requirements: Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition
Overview: CorePlayer is the only multimedia playback software you need. CorePlayer handles a wide variety of formats, on an even wider variety of hardware.

CorePlayer Platform changes between 1.0.0 and 1.0.4

Version 1.0.4 (20061125):
- Add: Mobile: Support for older versions of Windows CE (4.1, 4.2, etc.)
- Add: Mobile: Hot key management
- Add: Change the button, check box, folder and top bar bitmaps in the default skin
- Add: Media properties will now only show populated tags to save space
- Add: Total frames played, dropped frames and average FPS in the Media Properties
- Add: Playlist manager: You can now add/remove/move up/move down/crop the selection
- Add: Playlist manager: You can now load and save playlists
- Add: Profile management for color and equalizer settings
- Add: Color management moved to show video window during modifications
- Add: Color management added 'profile' support
- Add: Equalizer added preset and custom profile support
- Add: Color and equalizer settings moved from Properties dialog to Player view
- Add: Keyboard navigation in Properties dialog
- Add: Windows: 3D UI Skin
- Add: Windows: Phase one Skin switching (Player closes and reloads the new skin)
- Fix: Mobile: Buffering issue for Palm
- Fix: Mobile: Device rest bug for Palm
- Fix: The thread priority is only available for multithreaded builds
- Fix: Improve the random number generator
- Fix: Misc internal UI fixes/improvements
- Fix: Menu fixes [Symbian]
- Fix: YUV fixes in the blitter
- Fix: Rare equalizer distortion fix
- Fix: Fix dynamic menus under Windows CE
- Fix: Improve WMA tag handling
- Fix: Various pixel UI changes
- Change: UI buttons for file associations
- Change: Removed redundant XML code to reduce load time and skin size
- Change: CoreUI changes in preparation for the CoreTheque Media Library integration

Download Instructions: