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Raseac secure phone

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Raseac secure phone
Requirements:wm03/05 for smartphone;wm 03/05 for ppc
Raseac Secure Phone software allows your Microsoft smartphone or pocketpc to do secure cellular and landline calls.
We are using an advanced new generation of cryptography, you can see what an extensive article from the NSA (USA - National Security Agency) says about this technology: "Elliptic Curve Cryptography provides greater security and more efficient performance than the first generation public key techniques (RSA and Diffie-Hellman) now in use".

This is a free version with a limit of 75 seconds conversation for each call.but it has the same security as our commercial version (256 bits AES CBC mode encryption, 571 bits ECDH Koblitz).
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Download Instructions:
wm03 for smartphone:
wm05 for smartphone:
ppc version: