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OmniGSoft 3D Speed City v1.1

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OmniGSoft 3D Speed City v1.1
Requirements:ARM CPU, Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2002/2003
Overview:This game allows you to race on 11 virtual racing tracks across Canada. Get to know Canada, and enjoy her splendid natural, rural and urban sceneries! Turn Your Everyday Vehicle into Frantic Racing Monster !

# Choose from 17 family vehicles with popular brands all over the world
# Install pluggable vehicle libraries, and expand your vehicle fleet.
# Vivid and colourful 3D rendering effect features with sophisticated light effect.
# Metallic and shiny vehicles, specular and sparkling vehicle windows.
# Believable Physics and Dynamics Simulation
# The Best 3D Rendering Effect You can Have in Pocket PC Racing Game

Download Instructions: Full Installation

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