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ClearTemp v0.9.2.4

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ClearTemp v0.9.2.4 (freeware)
Requirements: Windows Mobile 2003 and above
Overview: ClearTemp is an application for you to clear temporary/unused files and unused registry keys/values on your system easily. It also allows you to clear your Recent Program List, Internet Address History and boot count. You can even change the location of the temporary folders (Cache, History & Cookies) or e-mail attachment folder to the Storage Card.

Usage Notes
You can tick/untick certain items to scan/clean.
Use "Clean" from the tools menu to start clearing selected item(s).
You can go to the options dialog from the tools menu.
In the Options dialog, you can change location of temp files or e-mail attachments by making the change in the dropdown list(s).
You can also specify the location of Custom Folder 1 and 2 in the Options dialog.
You can also enable auto cleaning of temp files and custom folders on system start up by ticking the start up option in the Options dialog.
Tap on "Apply" button to confirm the new settings in the Options dialog.
After changing the location of the temp files, please exit the program, save your work and perform a soft reset to complete the process.
Other Notes
The startup option only clears the temp files in selected folders.
Clearing of Recent Program List and dead shortcuts, and creating of shortcut for "Express Mode" may not work well on non-English ROMs. Please contact me if you wish to get it supported in your language.

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