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Carty Studios Ultimate Theft Alert v 3.397

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Carty Studios Ultimate Theft Alert v 3.397
Requirements: Windows mobile 2003 and higher (Phone editions only)
Overview: Gets you the thief' mobile# when your device is stolen..!

Ultimate Theft Alert is an innovative stealth software that sends the thief's contact number to you when your device is stolen.

The software works hidden in the device and checks the SIM card every time the device is booted. So when an unmatched SIM to the Owner's is recognized, it sends an SMS using the thief's SIM card to your pre-defined mobile number (Maybe to your Dad'/Partner' number). So its like getting the thief' mobile number itself! It also sends the new SIM' IMSI details and the new Owner name, e-mail, Address and everything. So the thief is leaving you with his visiting card itself! What more do you need? Every device requires this application!

And you can set any number of SIM's to be recognized as your own and only the rest is identified as thief'.

The software will also not let the thief know that its been running or an SMS has been sent from his SIM. Works completely hidden!