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OmniGSoft Mini Jetfight v1.2

OmniGSoft Mini Jetfight v1.2
Requirements:ARM CPU, Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2002/2003/5.0
Overview:There are 7 famous supersonic jet fighters from F-15 Eagle, F-16 Falcon to Su-27 Flanker. Each jet fighter is armed with 4 Medium-Range A/A Missiles (MRAM) and 4 Short-Range A/A Missiles (SRAM), as well as a cannon for close-in combat.

# Realistic Head-Up Display and Sophisticated Camera Views
# Head-Up Display (HUD) provides comprehensive flight info, altitude, air speed, and heading to pitch angle.
# Elaborately designed camera views
# Online User Manual is bundled with the game

Pocket PC Windows Mobile 5.0
Pocket PC VGA resolution (fullscreen 640x480)
Pocket PC Square QVGA resolution (240x240)
Pocket PC QVGA resolution (320x240)

Download Instructions: Full Installation