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Stuntman Evolution

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Stuntman Evolution
Requirements: Supports all color Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, and Phone Edition devices.
Overview: Stuntman Evolution offers a unique Action-oriented isometric style experience. Players can explore levels and complete objectives in the order they chose as they progress through the game.

Vehicles: Game includes a number of vehicles for the player to locate and pilot varying from high speed hovercrafts to bulldozers.

PDA Corps says,"The genius of Stuntman Evolution is that you discover different modes of transport as you progress, each with its own handling and special abilities. In order to complete tasks you need to not only master each vehicle but know when it is best to use each one."

Game Engine: Includes object physics, transparencies, particle effects, and a familair deformable isometric terrain combined with a custom 3D real-time renderer that includes real-time lighting, texture mapping, and anti-aliasing.

Replayability: Unlimited Replayability. In addition to all the levels that come with the game, players can create or download additional levels.

Music: Complete Sound Track. Multiple artists contributed great original music for this title.

Controls: Multiple & configurable control options.

Level Editor: Complete and user-extendable Level Editor built into the game. (Pocket PC only)

Add-on Levels: Custom levels can be created or downloaded for use with the game.

Level Scripting: Complete scripting language interpreter built into the game for Custom Levels. This allows ambitious level designers to create virtually any conceivable level design, or "game within a game", or maybe even an RPG for example. You decide.

Download Instructions:

- Use Product Key : XX3APX3ALY