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HandDee GTuner (PPC) guitar tuner 1.2.1

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HandDee GTuner (PPC) guitar tuner 1.2.1
Requirements: Pocket PC 2002 / 2003 / WM 2003 SE with 700KB available RAM.
Overview: A guitar / banjo / mandolin tuner with alternate guitar tunings, real-time fading smart pitch pointer & note / cents / Hz display.

Application Description
The HandDee GTuner is a guitar tuner software for guitarists and musicians. It uses the same noise rejection and quick note detection technique of our highly successful PhonTuner singing software with the addition of alternate guitar tunings and string position indicator. An ergonomically designed smart pitch pointer enable quick and accurate reading of pitch error on the screen. The clarity and convenience finds no rival in standalone guitar tuners.

Once HandDee GTuner detects a tone, it will show the tuning note name, deviation in cents and numerical frequency at the corners of the screen. A square box at the bottom of the string closest to the 6 strings highlights the pitch of the detected note.

The large pitch pointer in the middle provides accurate display of the input tone in real-time on a 5-cents scale that enable immediate readout by our eyes with high precision. Its dynamic length and color scheme with smooth fading combine to facilitate real-time string adjustment with unsurpassed ease.

1. Handy, light and small size for musical instrument tuning by using Symbian phones.
2. Note name, cents, and Hertz digital readout for musicians and professionals.
3. String note highlight shows the closest tuning string target.
4. A 5-cents per division pitch meter and real-time smart pitch pointer for easy identification of pitch and error variation.
5. Color transition and smooth fading effect for smart pitch pointer.
6. Dynamic background noise rejection enable use in noisy environment.
7. Alternate tunings for guitar and also Banjo and Mandolin.

Update Description:
- Adds alternate tuning selection
- Supports tuning for Banjo and Mandolin

Tested and works on WM 2003 SE.

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Wow thank you thank you thank you!!! Been looking everywhere for this.. Your the best