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WorldCard Mobile v1.0a

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WorldCard Mobile v1.0a
Requirements: Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 PocketPC.
Overview: Your address book contents only have names and telephone numbers? Unavailable to key in other important contents such as family name, position, company, mobile phone number, company phone number, home number, fax, address, category etc. WorldCard Mobile uses the mobile phone camera to capture business card image. It recognizes/sorts/ exports contents to your address book efficiently. Save your time and provide you plentiful information.

-Multilingual Display
WorldCard Mobile provides display interfaces in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English.
- Multilingual Recognition
It is capable of recognizing business cards in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English.
- Automatic Recognition of Field Information
Automatically sorts recognized field information by name, position, company, phone number, fax number, address, or other properties.
- Business Card Management
The flexible edit function provides you to edit and sort business card information for effective management.
-Export to Address Book
Export information to your address book efficiently.


Re: WorldCard Mobile v10a

is there a newer version of this so I can put it on my TP.. the Hibby Wizzzing Rom doesn't come with it and this comes in handy.. Good lookin out JackAllTrade Fam.. ya dig!!!!!