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LottoSP For PPC

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Requirements: PPC 2002, 2003, WM5
Overview: PF-LottoSP Lottery Prediction. This is not just a random generator that picks numbers purely by chance, PF-LottoSP Lottery Prediction is a lottery predicting program that stores past draws, calculates probability using 3 mathematical probability forecasters, recognizes patterns in past draws and formulates a series of numbers that will amaze you when you compare it to the next draw! Our research shows it to be the only lottery program for the Pocket PC that uses advanced forecasting at the time of this submission. The best feature of all... It fits in your pocket so you can use it wherever you go. There is no other Pocket PC forecaster like this one!

How does it work?
By scanning the past draws, this program can detect patterns and calculate probability to predict the next set of numbers. After each draw, new numbers are added and considered for the next draw. The Picks can be exported to a text file.

* Calculates Probability on a series of numbers using 3 forecasting algorithms
* Recognizes patterns in past draws such as pair runs and runs of three or more then calculates the odds of a run in the next draw.
* Statistics screen to see the frequency of numbers
* FAST scanning of past draws, 2200 draws on a 300MHz device takes as little as 3 seconds
* Easy lottery setup, you can set up a lottery in seconds
* Wide support, Supports any lottery with 3 - 7 balls plus a bonus or Power Ball (up to 8 numbers).
* Can allow duplicate numbers such as found in many Pick 3 style lotteries
* Sorts numbers for easy checking
* Import past draws using CSV files such as excel to speed data entry
* Export .CSV past draws to share with friends but then why would you Wink
* Export picked numbers in Word format to print out later and take to the lottery kiosk with you or just bring your Pocket PC.
* Colorful graphics
* Supports lotteries with ball numbers up to 99
* Choose between Hyper Geometric, Binomial, or Monte Carlo
* Add sounds
* The only prediction software for the Pocket PC

Download Instructions: Download at http://rapidshare.com/files/18451296/PF-LottoSP.v3.0.5.rar.html
Install, use serial. Remember if you win, please send a donation to DaMan LOL!!!

keygen- 5702391370012