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Resco Diamonds v1.10

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Resco Diamonds v1.10
Requirements: WM2003/WM5, 6MB of free RAM
Overview: Resco Diamonds is a highly addictive and popular logical game with realistically glistening diamonds. The aim of the game is to create groups of at least three diamonds of the same color. If you manage to create larger groups, you will receive various bonuses in form of special diamonds. The 4 game modes include a time trial, an endless game, and games the aim of which is to create lines or arbitrary shapes.

* Highly addictive
* High quality realistic diamonds
* Highly detailed graphics effects and explosions
* VGA resolution (640*480), QVGA resolution (320*240)
* 4 game modes: action lines, action shapes, endless lines, endless shapes
* Autosave feature at any point
* 3 types of enjoyable stylus and/or buttons control
* lifetime free upgrades

More Info:

Download Instructions:
option 1: http://rapidshare.com/files/21299051/RD110.rar.html