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Cool Smartphone Voicemail Trick

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Cool Smartphone Voicemail Trick
This makes it VERY easy to check your voicemail without having to call, then wait, then enter your passcode, then hit 1. You use a feature called "pause dialing" to get this.

this is all you do.

make a new contact called "voicemail" or w/e you want "mail" it doesnt matter. now assign a speed dial number to the contact under options.

for the number enter this : your numer+P+your passcode+1

so it will look like this if your number if 3025551212 and your passcode is 4567 : 3025551212p45671

this will first call your VM number, then the p makes it pause for the auto attendant then it enters your passcode, then it hits 1 for you to listen to your messages. (to get the 'p' simply hold the * key and hit 7)

when all is said and done if you get a VM just press and hold the speed key for "voicemail" contact and you will be listening directly to your mesages without any extra input.