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Syncing i930 with your email

Syncing i930 with your email.........Thanks to bigmattfromjersey for this tutorial
If you know your POP3 Incoming or Outgoing requires SSL connection, enable it when the time comes.

1. Go to Start
2. Go to Messaging
3. Go to Outlook Email
4. Go to Menu
5. Go to Options
6. Go to Account Setup
7. Outlook Email (or POP3)
8. Enter your name as you will like it to be seen in your emails. ex: Mine says Iamdasht19
9. Enter your email address as the reply-to. Ex: user@mysite.com
10. Make sure Automatic Setup is off, and hit Next
11. Enter your username. Mine username would be user (or user@mysite.com for some servers)
12. Enter your password. Mine would be (******* - thought i was stupid? LOL)
13. Set the domain name to the server you normally pick up your POP3 mail at. Ex: mail.mysite.com
14. Choose to save password or not, then hit Next
15. Make sure both Server Type and Account name say POP3
16. Make sure Network says "The Internet" and then hit Next
17. Incoming server should be the same as #13. So its mail.mysite.com or whatever your POP server is.
18. Outgoing server is an SMTP server. This is tricky, as i myself have an issue with this sometimes. You have to set it to whatever your SMTP outgoing is. For me, its not anything with my site. I also have a wierd port setting, which isn't 25 (as it should be)

I send my email out using smtp.xyz.com at port 3535.
So i set up my outgoing to exactly whats underneath...


Since its a smartphone, it recognizes the port change.
Hit Next once your done.
19. Setup the following. If you want it to download the last 3 days of email, set it to that. If you want the first 500 bytes of all emails to be downloaded, set it to that also. Thats my settings. Hit Next
20. My setting says "Connect Automatically and check for messages: Every 2 hours". People normally set it to every half an hour or so, but be careful, the faster u set this to, the more battery life u will lose. Hit Next
21. Setup complete. Now follow on screen instructions.
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