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How to re-order your Start Menu I930

How to re-order your Start Menu I930.........Thanks to bigmattfromjersey for this tutorial
You can seriously damage your phone if your not sure how to do this. This is for people with experience in registry edits and are computer literate
Do not ask for a walk-thru or IM me on how to do it. Its self explanatory. I'm not responsible if you go and fux your phone up. LOL

1: Download and install the RESCO explorer/registry program (search online for it or check http://www.handango.com/PlatformProd...ductId=1 1118)

2: Run the registry program.

3: Enter the

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shell\Start menu\Orderkey

In there, just reorder them by renaming them

Make sure to delete any of the ones u moved, so u don't have double. And keep Caps same...

Ex: if its SeTTiNGs.lnk
don't rename it as settings.lnk, rename it as SeTTiNGs.lnk

4: Click Done and press ok to prompt

5: Turn phone off and on

It should be fully functional now and the menu should be re-ordered.

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