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I930 With Push Email

I930 With Push Email..........Thanks to bigmattfromjersey for this tutorial
i930 with push email.(like blackberrys)

ok i would like to thank mike from ppcgeeks for the base of this guide.

1. Go to http://live.mail2web.com/ and sign up for a account.
2. On i930 go to Start/ activesync/menu/options.
3. Then go to Server settings.
4. Go to choice 4 "connection"
5. In username put username@mail2web.com (this is your email addy) then put in your password. in domain put ad2, check save password,for server name put mobile.exchange.mail2web.com, check "this server uses an SSL"
6. Hit done 2 times, go to mobile schedule, for peak time sync select "when new items arrive" and do same for off-peak time sync.
7. check "sync outgoing items as they are sent"

ok this sets it up for that email. what i do is i foward my gmail email which works perfect. you will have to foward your email to this addy for it to work.

some screenshots for you to look at if you get lost.


if you go to live.mail2web.com, instead of logging in, on the right hand side click "Go to Control Panel", and log in there.

Click "mail2web live"

Click "Active Sync Settings"

then scroll down, and click "Download configuration file"

this is the .CAB file that you put on your phone via Active Sync, and run it from the phone, it will automatically install the settings into your phone, that way you dont have to worry if you installed the settings right.
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