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Changing System Startup Sound Moto Q

Changing System Startup Sound

Navigate to:

At the very bottom of the list of entries, there an entry called AllSounds
Open that up and you'll see a list of mp3 files.

All you have to do is append your own audio files (mp3, wma, or wav) to the list. Then you have to make sure that you place your new audio clips in the \Windows folder so that they are accessible.

The next time you go to the sounds events page, the drop down menu will contain the new clips you added.

If you want to change the system startup sound, go to:
\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sounds\SystemStart \Sound

Change the hidden wav file, \Windows\Piano.wav to \Windows\MY_WAV_GOES_HERE.wav

I'd be really cautious about changing the startup wav. You don't want the phone to lock if the audio file doesn't load. I converted my wav to 16bit, stereo, 22khz WAV file. I didn't use mp3 or WMA. This seems to work fine.

Note: I personally added the large Vista Startup Sound (1mb) and it works, a little sluggish at first. (TechWhore)
CREDIT: momendo