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Increasing Call History For Moto Q

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Increasing Call History For Moto Q
Navigate to:

"CallHistoryMax" contains the number of numbers that will be kept in history. I.e. change it to 100

“You just need to create the key string and set the value to whatever you like. Mine is displaying all calls made since 06/09 when I purchased the device. 500+ calls”

CREDIT: slickshal & Neskifstad

Change Start Menu into List Instead of Grid

Navigate to:
\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shell\StartM enu

• Change the GridView value to 0 if you want list view.

• Change it to 1 if you want grid view.

Note: I prefer the standard grid view to the list view. (TechWhore)
Credit: smeg36