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Turn off Shutter Sound for Camera Moto Q

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Turn off Shutter Sound for Camera Moto Q
Turn off Shutter Sound for Camera

Navigate to:
\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Pictures\Camera\OEM\Sou ndFile

In the SoundFile key:
Modify the string/value \windows\shuttersound_02_secs.wav to say \windows\*none*

Yes it should have the ** around none

NOTE: Yes it does work perfectly (TechWhore)
CREDIT: NickMili & momendo

Pony99CA wrote:
There's a better (and simpler) hack to get rid of the Camera shutter sound.

Navigate to the key \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Pictures\Camera\OEM\

Change the ShutterSoundVolume value from 32768 to 0 and reset the Q.

You don't need to use some obscure file name.

That's why it's simpler. It's better because you can also keep the shutter sound, but not have it be so annoyingly loud, by using a value of 16384 instead.

DISCLAIMER: This value is on my Verizon Q after the software update. I don't know if it's on pre-update Qs or not. If it's not, try creating it.

NOTE: I also tried an even simpler fix, changing the ForceShutterSound value from 1 to 0, but that didn't work.