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Change Font Style For Menus And System For Moto Q

Change Font Style For Menus And System For Moto Q
[Change Font style for menus]
Change the key "It" to a value of 1 for Italics (looks nice)
Change the key "Ht" to a higher or lower value for larger or smaller font
Change the key "Nm" for a different font
(Hard to tell, but looks like using Segoe instead of Segoe Condensed works and results in a little more spacing in the font)

[Change System Font style]
Same as values above for menus, although Italics gets a little obnoxious everywhere.

[More sound profiles]
Edit: This doesn't appear to work after the Moto Q update, sorry
This one can be a bit daunting, but is great if you want more options for sound profiles
First step is to create a new Key with the name of the profile you want.
Next, you have to copy the values from an existing profile into your profile key
Then, you must change the data to match in the value for EditName and Name to match the name of your profile Key
(Note, I'm not sure why some profiles have an EditName tag and some have a LocName tag)
I assume it has something to do with renaming the Profile in the Profiles area of the control panel, as well as the Automatic setting which is supposed to switch profiles if your calendar says busy, but that never seemed to work for me).
Then, you must change the value for Order to an order for it to appear in the profiles list.
(Special note, if you don't want it to appear at the end, you will need to set the Order for all of the other items (Speakerphone, Car, Automatic, etc) to their new position in the list)
Finally, go in and edit your new profile with the options you wish to use.

I used this to make a "Quiet" profile, so I now have Loud, Normal, Quiet, Vibrate Only, and Silent.

BTW, all of these except the bitrate mod require a reboot to take affect.
As with any Reg hack, use caution. If you set something unusual, you may not be able to get in to change it. (Think of setting system font wrong and then having text too small or too large to use).