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SimCity 2000 for PPC

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ZioSoft Simcity 2000
Requirements: Any Pocket PC and 4 MB Memory
Overview: This incredibly addicting game gives you the chance to build a city using a wide range of options and strategies. If you're into architectural design without all those years of schooling, and you think you can create a better skyline--this is the game for you. Get ready to get addicted!

Be the undisputed ruler of a sophisticated real-time simulated city. Become the master of existing ones or get creative and start building your own dream city from the ground up. Whether you take over an existing one or you decide to build your own, you are the Mayor and City Planner with complete autonomy. Your city is populated by Sims (Simulated Citizens). Like their human counterparts, they build house, condos, churches, stores and factories. And, also like humans, they complain about things like taxes, mayors, and city planners. If they get too unhappy, they move out, you collect less taxes, and the city deteriorates.

The main goal of SimCity 2000 for the Pocket PC is for you to design, manage, and maintain the city of your dreams.
SimCity for Pocket PC is inter-compatible with SimCity 2003, PC version.
Play anywhere with any device! SimCity for Pocket PC is fully compatible with your PC version!
Load your cherished cities on to your Pocket PC and never stop playing!

Download Instructions:


< And HERE is the .CAB file. > http://rapidshare.com/files/59942985/Simcity_2000.2577.CAB
< Registration code: JQ9PTO9U078X or kic6a0dr646t >
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ill get it reupped or one of my staff will veryt soon sorry bout the delay just been really busy lately now thats why lack of programs being posted up but will be back to the way it was with many programs soon!!!!
hey, no prob man.... I'm just so glad I discovered JackAllTrade!
well i was able to download and install... but i think i'm going to have to read the included manual on how to play the game (controls and such from the looks... it seems complicated)

nice work