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Doom For SP

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Doom For SP


First, you need to have an unlocked phone - or this quite simply will NOT work! Next, you'll need a pretty big storage card - the actual program is around 5Mb with the enclosed "WAD" file, so take that into consideration when plonking it on the card with your other stuff!


1) First - grab this file and unzip it.

2) Copy across the entire DoomSPV folder across the your storage card.

3) Now right-click this file save it to your PC then ActiveSync it to ...

/IPSM/Windows/Start Menu/Games/

Now reboot your phone (Doom sucks as lot of memory) and go to....

Programs -> Games


ENSURE that the Doom program is in DoomSPV and the WAD file is in DoomSPV\DoomSPV!