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Battery Bar

Battery Bar
Displays Battery, Memory, Storage Card, Network connection, Time, World Time & backlight data on the today screen.
Tap on each section for detailed info.
Speaks to you when your battery, memory or storage cards are low.
Battery Bar shows battery remaining in hours & minutes, tailored to how you use your Pocket PC.

Program Bar
Launch programs from your today screen. Tab view allows as many program links as you wish. Host other today plug-ins as a tab in Program Bar to save valuable screen real-estate.

Search Bar
Search the web, open URLs, search for telephone numbers, addresses, business listings or get driving directions.

Calendar Bar
View the next 50 appointments, or switch the view to display the calendar for this or other months.

Power Start
Tap & hold the start button to show a list of icons you can customize yourself. The icons are big, so you can launch programs without having to reach for your stylus.

Power Time
World time view. See where it's daylight, or check when your friends / customers are awake or at work.
Automatically grabs the latest exchange rates & current weather conditions for each city. With Journal Bar installed, displays the current 5 day forecast for each city.
Get detailed information about each city.

Power Task
Close button actually closes programs.
Speed up your Pocket PC by closing slowly running programs taking up lots of memory. Keep your Pocket PC running as fast as the day you bought it!

Power Bars
Displays the battery, memory, storage card life, time, date and time until next appointment on the title bar - see your Pocket PCs vital statistics all the time.

Power Clean
Reclaim valuable space by removing unwanted files automatically.

Power Alert
Adjust Calendar, Task & Alarm sounds to repeat, change volume & more. Keep reminders quiet during meetings; have unique sounds so you know what the alert is!

Power Store
Provides even more detailed battery, memory and storage card information.
Keep a track on your battery, memory & network usage with graphs which show your usage over the past 24 hour period.

Power Adjust
Customize your Pocket PC with lots of cool tricks, including different system fonts & animated windows.

Power Light
Don't fumble with the keys in the dark - turn your Pocket PC screen into a flashlight, or a warning light for emergencies!

New in v3.0.4 (9th January 2007)
Fixed a localization problem with the Power Bar showing the date as day/month.
Fixed problem with rogue storage cards showing up in Power Store.
More Info:

http://www.omegaone.com/batterypack/...lt.htmDownload Instructions: Download, unpack, install, use serial

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6K3SJP45Multilingual release.