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i-Catcher PocketMonitor v1.0.2

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i-Catcher PocketMonitor v1.0.2


Requirements: WM2003
Overview: i-Catcher PocketMonitor is a thinner version of the i-Catcher Monitor application, designed for Pocket PCs. With a suitable handheld PC, you can look at your live i-Catcher Console

i-Catcher PocketMonitor features a site manager, which allows you to browse a collection of i-Catcher CCTV sites, without having to remember the IP address of the system. The feed list allows you to jump straight to the feed of interest, much like the web interface of i-Catcher Console.

i-Catcher PocketMonitor is ideal for security personnel who need to keep an eye on the CCTV cameras while on the move throughout a building, or patrolling the premises.

The current version of i-Catcher PocketMonitor requires an ARM-based handheld, running PocketPC 2003. A handheld with wireless networking support is required for portable operation.