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ThemeGenCE - v1.9

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ThemeGenCE - v1.9


ThemeGenCE is a desktop utility to create Pocket PC themes. You can customize your Today screen and Start Menu with personal images, and choose colors of texts and bars. It is a very complete application coded in Delphi 7.

It offers so many functions that we cannot describe all of them in this small review. You can have a look at the animated tutorial on the author's site.
- it supports any image format
- compatible with WM5
- supports QVGA, VGA and squared screens
- allows to modify pictures (effects)
- allows to add text
- helps to modify existing themes
- allows to visualize the result on the Pocket PC through Activesync
- has been translated from french to english, spanish and italian

A must have for those who want to customize their Pocket PC.

[Elchiflot] (Translation: torgamm)

Author: Benoît Thonnart
Date: 02-14-2007
Links: Web Site
Rating: 9/10
Size: 2.43 MB
Hits: 8728