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Speereo Voice Translator 3.1

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Speereo Voice Translator 3.1


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Speereo Voice Translator 3.1

Multilanguage version of Speereo Voice Translator for business communication
and traveling, running on smartphones and Pocket PCs, is an innovative
phrasebook that provides translation among 11 languages: English, Spanish,
German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese, Korean & Japanese.

The 55 pairs of two language versions of Speereo Voice Translator for Symbian
smartphones are currently available. Speereo Voice Translator for Windows
Pocket PCs can translate phrases from English to other 10 languages.

About 4,000 most commonly used phrases including business, technical, medical
and legal terms, phrases, idioms, and some slang are arranged in 16 main
categories and 87 sub-categories by subject, such as Travel, Useful, City,
Buy food, Shopping, Health and Entertainment.

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There is a setup.exe in this file but when i run it it says something went wront when moving help file... Anyone else getting this error... Anyone installed this succesfully with the cabs?

Yeah i got it to work, Pain in my ass trying to figure it out. But you have to install the main cab. I recomend that you only install the cab language that you planing on using. instead of all of them.

If you just looking for the typical ENGLISH to SPanish ...the program on the link below is a lot easier.


just my opinion
I also ran the installer.exe file from inside the zip. I ran it from the pc and installed noproblems!