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Working AIM For The I930

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Working Aim For i930


ok well here is a aim that works onthe i930. with agile not working i installed this and it worked. so lmk if it works fine on yours i relly didnt test it much.

IM+ supports MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, AOL, Google Talk and Jabber on your smartphone. IM+ won the "2006 Best Software Award" by the Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine

Other Features:
*IM+ makes direct connection to the supported services, without any "gate" in the middle. It's very important; because it means that you connected to your favourite services as a full rights user and get all the messages and events immediately just as if you were connected with the standard client.
*Configurable notifications.
*IM+ keeps the contact list information on the respective servers. So, IM+ and your convenient desktop client always use just the same contact list. E.g if you add new buddy to your contact list with IM+, you will see this user in your contact list when you connect with your desktop client next time.
*Simultaneous connection to all selected systems
*Custom presence status for MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, Jabber, Google Talk.
*Group mode support.
*Friendly User Interface in English, German, Italian, French and Russian
*Exchanging messages in any language installed on device
*Authorization for presence status subscription.
*Sound alerts for incoming messages and contacts coming online.
*Full emoticons support .
*IM+ is digitally signed with Geotrust Global CA certificate.

New Features in version 1.31:
* Keep alive option allows you to keep stable connection.
* Autoconnect after phone call.
* Jabber via SSL.
* T9 support.
* Online Support Forms. You can send request to support from application.

Download Instructions: Unzip, Install