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I930 Text Messaging

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this is good for those lucky people whose i930 text messaging actually works mines doesnt---

Set password (1 to 15 chars) and press Menu then Activate. Status should become Activated by now.

Enter password and press Menu then De-activate. Password should match the set password inorder for de-activation to take effect.

Note: In case Inbox is currently open you need to quit tmail.exe (SMS) using Task Manager or simply run Free Mem to quit non-system apps. You can also use Xbar to quit tmail.exe (SMS) or press 2 to quit all unclosed apps.

Enter password and press Action key. Press Back key to erase characters or to close SecureInbox password window.

This is happening with the programs i am loading i am not to sure what file i put on my smartphone and where to i put it...when i extracted the files there was no .cab file...and i have no idea what i am doing wrong...plez help...thanx in aadvance
alright if you have a sd card put them on there and just open the files but if you dont you have to install to the phone.....than most programs for th i930 are what they call cab files and you just double click those and the installation wizard will guide you through the rest of the set up....any other quetions feel free to ask but please do in the appropriate section. Thanks