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Gentimer V 1.2

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Gentimer v1.2
Requirements: 0.9 MB of free storage space, Windows Mobile for Smartphone
Overview: Gentimer is the application that every Gentlemen or Gentlewoman should have on their smartphone. It is designed to be stylish, functional, yet simple to use 'all-in-one’ alarm, timer, stopwatch, world clock application which will make your life easier.

Download Instructions:
unft. this tool is very memory and processor demanding and is also dangerous. it will make your storage card disappear and make other event not work.
Bro i know multiple people that have used this with no problem..... i have no clue why your having the problem...... maby its just not compatible with your model or sometimes certain programs clash with each other..... just do a hard reset and hopefully you used a backup.... if not i recommend SPB backup which is posted here. Sorry bout that and next time please say it nicely next time because this forum is free with a lot of great stuff and i know that you used it on multiple occasions and havent left on thank you for any of the stuff that you have used.... the only time we have heard from you is when you want to bitch and thats pretty bad man...... hopefully you can change this in the near future and we can start all over....