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True Toolbar 2.72

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ValkSoft True Toolbar v2.7.2
Requirements: Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 2003, Pocket PC 2002
Overview: Desktop style application manager with a multiple windows launcher. It is NOT a "Today" plug-in!!! Program will not consume your valuable screen space or processor power.


Real-time desktop style application monitoring;
Clean "Today" screen;
Launcher may have up to six independent named customizable panels;
Powerful screen capture option.
Customizable left softkey button;
Microsoft Logo Certified, means it is designed and extensively tested to be compatible with another applications;
Tap-and-hold any toolbar icon to access advanced features;
Battery charge monitoring;
Full VGA support;
Screen rotation directly from "Today" screen;
Easy access to common Pocket PC settings;
Stop All application;
Display Off, Power Off, Soft Reset i) - using a single tap;
This application is eligible fore FREE lifetime update;

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Release Tester Reviews: Guy1731

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