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VOIC Surfer Trial

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VoIPSurfer for Pocket PC


VoIPsurfer allows you to make real phone calls via WiFi/Internet (VoIP). The trial version lets you make free one-minute phone calls to landlines in the UK and US amongst other destinations (see readme.txt) VoIPSurfer can be used in a corporate, private or public WiFi environment with no setup hassles at all. It can help cut down your phone cost tremendously Up to 4 VoIP Providers can be used at a time, giving you the freedom of choice to pick different ones for different destinations. You may place calls via the integrated phonebook or your PPCs own one. Redial, call lists, speed dial etc. aren`t missing either. VoIPSurfer is ideal for connecting to your own Asterisk server as well, as it uses the IAX protocol.