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Launch Dates For New Phones Some Smartphones Some Not

New phone launch dates some are smartphones and some aren't.


Samsung m300 Vivace 5/14
Samsung m510 Fantasy 5/14 – replaces m500
Samsung m620 Flipper 4/1 – music centric, Power vision. Replaces the M1
Sanyo 3200 4/22 – replaces 3100
Sanyo 7050 4/1 – Rugged MIL spec vision. Autonomour GPS. Replaces 7000
Sanyo Katana II - June
Sierra 595U 4/22 – USB Rev A card. Will replace the Novatel USB
Sierra 597E 4/22 – express card.
Novatel Express 2/11 – will now be carried in Retail.
Moto ic502 Silver 4/1
Moto Franklin Q 2/11
ic902 Diamondback 5/14 – Power Source/Hybrid EVDO
PPC 6800 Titan May – replaces PPC 6700
Palm Sherlock - June