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European Smartphone Launch Updates: O2 Graphite, T-Mobile MDA Mail and Orange SPV E65


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We are slackers when it comes to European smart phone announcements. We would like to request our readers in Europe to straighten us out, by submitting these announcements. Wink Getting back to the news stories, O2 and T-Mobile launched Smartphones recently and Orange is getting ready to launch the much awaited SPV E650 (Vox).

O2 Xda Graphite: O2 has launched the ASUS designed 3G and Wi-Fi capable Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone. This I believe is the first ASUS Smartphone to hit the shelves. The combination of 3G and Wi-Fi support should make this device an attractive option for a lot of 02 customers.

T-Mobile MDA Mail: T-Mobile has launched the popular Dash as the MDA Mail. The MDA Mail looks pretty hip in the black suit, but lacks Wi-Fi. Every other feature is the same as its US brother. Wonder why T-Mobile took out the Wi-Fi? It also seems that T-Mobile is not planning on providing the Windows Mobile 6 update to the MDA Mail customers. Sad

Orange SPV E650 (Vox): According to CoolSmartPhone.com and the information received by its readers, Orange is preparing for launching the HTC S710 (Vox) as the SPV E650 sometime in April. Ever since the announcement made at the 3GSM, folks around the world are eagerly waiting for this awesome slider to hit the streets. Let's hope that we will get to see this unit in the stores before the end of April.
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