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I930 Updated Favorites List

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I930 Updated Favorites List


When you get your brand new, power-coated-paint looking, shiny, sparkling i930 out of the box, plug it in and charge up that small battery, then try to use that ever so important NET page, you'll notice something is missing. All the important sites you had with your Condor and Falcon (non-smartphone) units. Yes SprinTEL forgot to give you anything worthwhile on the NEXTEL Wireless Web link provided with the phone. [And yes, the phone's been out for 3 months, almost 4 in some places, and they still have Halloween and set-back-your-clocks info on the "What's New" page... IS THAT REALLY NEW???] Think you can look up all of those Travel sites you once had??? Yeah, if you want to spend the time to type it into an address bar... same goes for Finance, News, Business Sites, Entertainment, and the list goes on... yes, Sprint together with NEXTEL really screwed the donkey on this one... THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE PHONE.

For those of you older guys out here ready to give me the good old for this by stating "Well, it's a Smartphone, you can put in whatever the hell you want", well you're right... but didn't you find just a little disappointment in turning your unit on to find you didn't have the things you were used to having at your fingertips, links you used on your phone but didn't have in your computer's favorites folder, etc.???

Here's the remedy...Enjoy and you add with active sync and put under your internet favorites.