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Tech News Samsung strikes a deal with ASML to buy next-gen chip machines


More details about the deal between Samsung and ASML are now available. Notably, Samsung and ASML have sealed the deal to produce High-NA (high numerical aperture) EUV Lithography equipment that is scheduled to come out next year. The next-gen High-NA EUV Lithography equipment can engrave finer circuits compared to the older EUV Lithography equipment.

Not only that, with its next-gen capabilities, EUV Lithography equipment will help Samsung win the 3nm foundry market. According to a report by BusinessKorea, the unit price of a single High-NA EUV Lithography equipment is speculated to be around 500 billion won. This price is twice as high as the already available old-gen EUV Lithography equipment on the market.

Samsung’s total investment is estimated to be around 4 trillion won​

In the race to be the biggest chip manufacturer in the world, which has already intensified, Intel and TSMC have already sealed their respective deals with companies to supply them with next-gen EUV equipment. Samsung didn’t want to be left out of the mix. This is why Samsung Vice Chairman Lee Jae-Wang’s recent business trip to Europe was very important for the company, and it is exactly the outcome they wanted out of this trip.

ASML can only produce 50 units of High-NA EUV Lithography equipment this year, and the delivery time is expected to be around one to one year six months. Samsung has reportedly secured 18 units of the EUV Lithography equipment units, taking the total investment by the company for the deal to 4 trillion won. Considering the delivery time, Samsung would be able to actually use high-NA EUV lithography equipment for its semiconductor process starting in 2024.

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